Precis F Neumann

Precis F Neumann

Star Ocean EX
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Star Ocean: Anamnesis
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Star Ocean: The Second Story
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Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
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Star Ocean 2 Second Evolution
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Precis F Neumann

Sex: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: 29 February
Height: 155cm

Precis is a hyper-active mechanic girl. She built herself a robot, that she named Bobot, but doesn't obey her. When Precis met Claude for the first time, she immediantly had a crush, and went to tell her sick friend, Eleanor, about her "Prince". Precis goes to recover a herb to help save Eleanors life.

Voice Actors
Hanba, Tomoe
St. Germain, Tabitha
Yun, Yeo Jin

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