Ranshiin "Windragon"


Legendz: Yomigaeru Ryuuou Densetsu
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Ranshiin (ランシーン)
A mysterious black-winged Windragon who seems to be the one in true control of DWC (he bullies and intimidates the President of the company constantly) and has an interest in Shiron as he is very similar to him. He seems to be rather easily annoyed by the lack of wind at where he's staying and uses electrical fans often. Ranshiin is physically and mentally an antithesis to Shiron in every way. The idea of him being such a mysterious character stems from the fact that his bio always appears as a series of question marks in the opening theme. In addition, it seems he is prone to small fits of insanity, though why this happens is relatively unexplained as well.

(Sourece: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Inoue, Kazuhiko
Zucca, Mario