Chikage Kushinada

Chikage Kushinada


Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
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Chikage Kushinada (櫛名田 千影)
* First appearance: Battle 188
* Age: 13
* Type: Sei
* Type: Satsujin Ken
* Yomi Symbol: Water
* Martial Arts: Jujutsu (Kushinada Style)

Kushinada Chikage is a Yomi member and the disciple of Kushinada Mikumo. She is a Japanese child prodigy who practices Kushinada Style Jujutsu and is currently a first year student at Kenichi's school. Chikage is a young girl with long black hair that she has tied on one side down to her upper back in the front and long fringe in the front of her face. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform.

Most of the time, Chikage displays a melancholic face in Yomi and seems to be a loner who doesn't socialize with the other members. When in public, she sees herself as normal, despite being a prodigy, and others as inferior, similar to the views of fellow Yomi member Radin Tidat Jihan.

Chikage is described by Miu as being the same as she was when she was Chikage's age. Miu says this because Chikage's eyes are the same as hers back when she was young, though she says that her grandfather took her on his trip of "justice" to prevent Miu from going down the wrong path because her Ki is Dou, which causes her to grow dangerous urges to kill within her. Miu believes that only she can stop Chikage from going down the Satsujin Ken path because she understands Chikage the most because of their similar past.

Later, it is revealed that she has a really big sweet tooth (due to being denied sweets because of her special Jujitsu training) and, after much interaction with Kenichi and his friends, develops a child personality, which she switches to when she tries to have fun. When with her master, she switches to "Yami Mode" and becomes a cold-blooded fighter. Though she is highly knowledgeable, she tends to be naive and lacking in common sense.

At first, Chikage displayed desire to kill Kenichi, but over time saw him as a friend and even showed concern for his well being. She also became heavily embarrassed after forgetting her fight with Kenichi that, for a time, she ran away from at every opportunity. It is heavily implied that she is starting to become "normal," shown when, after chapter 365, her eyes have lost their cold and emotionless look at school and she tries various methods to act her age. Niijima Haruo, whom she appeared to have developed a certain bond (that was mostly due to Niijima exploiting her naive nature and baiting Chikage in with whatever he says) with, has also begun considering the idea of making her a member of Shinpaku Alliance.

It is shown that Chikage can be incredibly naive, despite her profound knowledge in many areas. For example, she believed that though a seed takes four months to bloom, if she planted a seed 4 months old, it would bloom the day after tomorrow. Kenichi corrects her about this, but Chikage murmurs to herself that there is 'no time'.

Chikage mentioned she hardly went out and had fun, which is primarily the reason for the separation of development of her "Yami Mode" and "Child Mode". Her knowledge was forced into her very quickly, likely through a means of rote repetition, contributing to her lack of common sense or the workings behind some of the information she was given.

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