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Ian (イアン)

On the surface, Ian appears to be a laid-back, jovial young man who (even when he was still a low-ranked Rook) is one of the few Chess Pieces to have the daring to be blunt and disrespectful towards his superiors. This ranges from addressing the senior Loco "-chan" in spite of her insistence on their age gap, to talking back to Halloween who is one of the highest-ranked Knights, and in his quest for vengeance later on, challenging even the Knights. Ian's amiable manners, however, belies the lethal, battle-thrilled fighter he can be in the battlefield. Once driven by determination he is relentless in his pursuit, be it a simple case of getting the fight he enjoys or the venture to eliminate a superior sworn enemy. Ian's tenacity is prone to lead him go against his orders, and Ian admits because of it, he is always mentally prepared for death penalty.

Voice Actors
Kawada, Shinji
Lawson, Adam