Chimera "Eileen, Kimera"


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Chimera (キメラ)
Chimera's appearance, masked or unmasked, is generally anomalous for her gender. She usually dons a ghastly skeletal mask with a green wig attached to it, concealing her blonde hair color (the green color is possibly exclusive to only the anime, however, as the cover of volume 13 shows a blonde-haired masked Chimera). Since her enlisting for the Chess Pieces she's fashioned her hair spiky, a mode far more commonly styled for males, and (exclusively for the anime) builds up her stature into a more masculine form, misleading people about her actual gender. In addition to these extraordinary outward features, Chimera's facial appearance carries hideously unique traits: she wears a grotesque mass of eyeballs on the left side of her face, stitches a horizontal black line on the scar across her nose's bridge, and seasons the overall gruesome sight by piercing her Knight insignia earring on the tip of her tongue.

Voice Actors
Sonozaki, Mie