Takashi "Sven, Quiet" Shirogane

Takashi Shirogane

Hyakujuu-Ou GoLion
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Takashi Shirogane (銀 貴)
Takashi was the original second-in-command. He piloted the Blue Lion, and wore a black uniform. He is approximately the same age as Akira. In episode 6, he was wounded during an attack by Honerva, and later died from his injuries. He was given a hero's burial. Fala replaced him as the Blue Lion's pilot. He had a younger brother named Ryou who, along with Princess Amue, joined the heroes in the fight against the Galra Empire. Like his brother, Ryou also perished in battle. "Shirogane" is a Japanese word for "silver." (Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Nakao, Ryusei
Bell, Michael