Isamu "Lance, Moody" Kurogane

Isamu Kurogane

Hyakujuu-Ou GoLion
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Isamu Kurogane (黒鋼 勇)
Second-in-command of GoLion, he pilots the Red Lion, and wears a blue uniform. He is tall, wiry and wily, and is approximately 21-23 years of age. Isamu is always joking and teasing others whenever he gets the chance. He is the only one in the group who contests any of Akira's commands. He is also a ladies' man, a great pilot; though a bit too daring at times. "Kurogane" is a Japanese word for "iron." He also has feelings for Princess Fala to a lesser extent another reason of a rivalry between him and Akira.

Voice Actors
Mizushima, Yuu
Bell, Michael
Käser, Daniel