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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
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Larxene (ラクシーヌ)
Larxene (ラクシーヌ, Rakushīnu?) was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories where she conspired with Marluxia to overthrow Organization XIII by using Sora. She has a cruel, sadistic personality and enjoys seeing others suffer. Larxene wields eight knives, four in each hand, and the power of thunder to fight, and is known as the "Savage Nymph" (非情の妖姫, Hijō no Yōki?, lit. "Callous Vixen"). She is agile and can call forth bolts of lightning in battle. Larxene is voiced by Rieko Katayama in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Yuko Miyamura and Shanelle Gray in the Japanese and English versions of Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, respectively.

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