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Shirona (シロナ)
Shirona is a Pokémon master and Elite Four Champion in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum. Other than the player using a female character, she is the first known female Pokémon League champion in the video game series. Her japanese name means "Chosen by the gods"

She has blond hair and wears black clothing. She also has two hair clips that resemble Lucario's Aura Sensors somewhat, but with a yellow stripe instead of being all black. Shirona is from Celestic Town in the Sinnoh region. Apparently she made the training of Professor Rowan when she was young.

In the Anime

In the Games

In the Manga

Her Pokemon Team

In Diamond and Pearl:
Lucario Lv 63
Garchomp Lv 66
Milotic Lv 63
Gastrodon Lv 60
Spiritomb Lv 61
Roserade Lv 60

In Platinum:
Lucario Lv 60
Garchomp Lv 62
Milotic Lv 58
Togekiss Lv 60
Spiritomb Lv 58
Roserade Lv 58

Quote from the Final Battle

"One look at you tells me many things about you. Together, you and your Pokémon overcame all the challenges you faced, however difficult. It means that you've triumphed over any personal weaknesses, too. The power you learned... I can feel it emanating from you. That's enough talking. Let's get on with why you're here. I, Cynthia, accept your challenge as the Pokémon League Champion! There won't be any letup from me!"

Voice Actors
Endou, Aya
Sakurai, Tomo
Sands, Tara
Bauer, Emily
Fernandes, Samira
Jeong, Mi Sook
Har-lev, Liat
Karpoff, Alessandra
Feijó, Taís
Villon, Elisa
Carli, Cláudia