Mikumo "Mi-chan, The Bewitching Fist" Kushinada

Mikumo Kushinada

Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi OVA
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Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
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Mikumo Kushinada (櫛名田 水蜘蛛)
First appearance: Chapter 258
Age: 80+
Type: Sei, Satsujin Ken
Yami symbol: Water
Martial arts: Jujutsu (Kushinada Style)

Kushinada Mikumo is the Jujutsu Master of Yami's One Shadow Nine Fists and the Master of Kushinada Chikage. It is worth noting that she is the only female member within the Nine Fists.

Mikumo appears a curvaceous and very well-endowed woman in her mid 20's to early 30's. This is most likely due to her family's experimentation on their bodies to slow down their aging process. She has been seen driving in a sports car (clashing with her Japanese style hakama) towards a destination presumed to be Diego's location not long after Diego transformed into the "Angry Steel Fist." She has long waist length black hair, wears an open Kimono to show off her bosom and usually wears a bead necklace around her neck. In her youth, her hair was shorter, down to her chin and her breasts were not as large and she was slightly shorter.

Mikumo is one of the most emotionless and serious members of Yami shown. She rarely shows any other emotions other than surprise and always keeps a melancholy face. She believes in keeping your emotions in control is important for battle and one should not lose your temper or it will dull your skills.

She treats Chikage very well, more than any other member of Yomi, possibly because she's her disciple and seems to treat her as her own daughter. She seems to be fond of meditating, as she tends to meditate when she has free time.

Mikumo holds the belief that empathy is weakness and that the strong do not let their heart be shaken by the weak. She used this to her advantage to make Ethan Stanley fight more ruthlessly against Kenichi to save his sister. However, she acts oddly feminine when she recounts her past adventures with Hayato, chiding him for being "hardly charming," covering half of her face with the sleeve of her hakama, and referring back to the events as "the hot fires blazing between us."

Mikumo has worked with Fuurinji Hayato against Yami in the past, and a flashback reveals a much younger Hayato and what appears to be only a slightly younger Mikumo on the battlefield. It was hinted that the two may have shared a deeper relation at one time, though Hayato denies this, saying that "the only things that burned were the forts and tanks." What has turned her to the path of Yami is unknown at this point; however, it is suggested it was after the loss of someone she held dear.

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