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Cornelia Hale (コルネリア)
At first glance Corny looks and and acts like the typical popular girl. And she does have that reputation, but that isn't the real her deep down. She's 14 at the start of the series. Cornelia comes off to all the other girls, as a girl who has everything she wants, but buried deep within her is anything, but that. Though rich she is actually a timid girl when it comes to guys, unexperienced with love and has only dreamed of it. Cornelia still is though a shopoholic, and fashion diva constantly competing with her rivals the school twins. Not to mention a control freak, and be extremely cold which really heats up to fits with Irma who she calls Irmy. Other then that her only other menace or so she calls is her little 7 year old sister Lilian who annoys her until bedtime.

She is a competitive ice-skater and has won numerous medals for her achievements on the ice. Her best friend and seemingly only friend before she met and joined the team is Elyon Brown (also called Elyon Portrait in some countries) and she owns a cat named Napoleon which she received from Will.

She is the guardian of Earth, and can manipulate earth, stone, metal, and wood and speak with the Earth, make plants and flowers grow big and tall, can move objects with her mind (psychokinesis), and can sometimes experience prophetic visions from the earth. Cornelia is very Down-To-Earth, which suits an Earth guardian, and she is a natural born leader, except in the group. She understands plants the way Will understands animals. Her theme color is green and her symbol is a green circle with a dot in the center which symbolizes earth. Her name is the female version of the Latin name 'Cornelis', which means 'the horned one'.

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