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Wilhelmina Vandom (ウィルヴァンドム)
In the beginning of the comic series, Will is 14 years old, has red hair in a bobcut and brown eyes. She has a crush on Matthew Olsen, who later becomes her boyfriend. Will has a pet dormouse, who has various names and appearances depending on the country. Will lives in a large apartment with her mother, Susan Vandom, and her dormouse. Later on, her stepfather moves in and she soon shared her home with an infant brother.

Will loves caring for animals, and also enjoys swimming. She is very good at swimming, and is even on Sheffield Institute's competitive team. Because of her love of animals, Will is good at science, specifically biology. Will's full name shifts between Wilhelmina and Wilma. Her birthday is given as January 19 in the comics but is changed to the fall (possibly somewhere in November) in the animated series. In the comics, her star sign in Capricorn. Will loves frogs and collects almost anything with frogs on them, save for the amphibians themselves. Her frog collection ranges from stuff-toy frogs, clothes, furniture, accessories, blankets, alarm clock, and key chains. Her love for frog collections drew so much to the point that her room is filled with them on every corner.

Will is known to have a fiery and unstable temper but has the personality of a great leader. She has grown more cheerful throughout the series as she learns how to be good friends with the others. She is a bit of a tomboy, but is also sensitive towards other people's feelings and also her own. Will has issues with trusting people because she is afraid of being let down. At first she didn't trust the other WITCH girls either, as her other friends talked negatively about her behind her back, but she came to understand that they were really her friends.

As a regular girl, she is good-looking, but is plagued by insecurity because she doesn't feel pretty enough. When transformed, she looks more like she'd like to look as an ordinary girl.

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