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Bianca (ビアンカ)

Bianca is a very outspoken, adventurous and even a bit of a romantic. She greatly enjoys being outdoors and travelling in search of adventures, she is also a bit tomboyish and describes herself as "being a bit rough around the edges". During the ten years the Hero is taken away into slavery, Bianca and her family went tough hard times and she was then forced to take care of her father, but she kept the dream that someday she would go on an adventure again.

This time serves to harden Bianca a bit as she seems to miss her mother dearly, but nonetheless works hard everyday, returning home only at night so that she can provide for her father. This goes to show that despite being a dreamer, Bianca is also very reliable and responsible, which is commented on by the people in the village of Stockenbarrel.

As a wife, Bianca keeps much of her personality and remains supportive to the Hero's wishes of continuing his quest. She is overjoyed that she gets to travel with the Hero once again and confesses to have always loved him. Married life however does little to stop her adventurous side (if not just bring it out more as now she is reunited with someone she cares and can share adventures with him). She is also very playful and cheerful, sometimes even getting into small competitions with the Hero. She still shows the Hero a lot of affection, often proclaiming that she will never leave his side.

As a mother, she is very close to her children as well as loving towards them. While worrying for her children, she still does enjoy the idea that they can all travel together as a family and embraces it fully, if not only for the fact that that way, she can make sure no one harms them.

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