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Eagle Vision (イーグル・ビジョン)
Eagle Vision is a well-known and respected commander from Cephiro's neighbouring country, Autozam, a technologically advanced world reliant on the mental energy of its citizens for its power. It is clear right away that Eagle is an enigmatic and forceful tactician, and though a gentle and chivalrous gentleman, he is the leader of Autozam's invasion of Cephiro. His father is the President of Autozam. When Lantis visited Autozam in the past, he and Eagle became close friends. It is often speculated amongst fans whether Eagle's love ever develops into something more.

Eagle comes to Cephiro with hopes of duplicating the Pillar System back on his home world, and also wishes to actually become the Pillar for personal reasons. Eagle is in fact very sick and wasn't even supposed to be alive by the time he made it to Cephiro. Eagle reveals to Hikaru that he wants to become the Pillar to spare Lantis' life and be in an eternal sleep with Cephiro. It's stated (more so implied) in the second season of the series that Eagle was in love with Lantis, when Hikaru apologized for "Hurting the one Lantis loved most."

In the end, Hikaru tells him it is unfair of him to leave all his loved ones behind and saves him, bringing him back to Cephiro and starting him on the road to restoring his health. In the anime, however, Eagle sacrifices himself in order to save the Magic Knights. It is unknown what happened to Autozam after his death, but in manga, Autozam becomes an allied country of Cephiro.

In the OVA he is Emeraude's brother and does his best to keep his sister happy. This includes trying to destroy the Earth because he's certain that's what his sister wants.

Eagle also appears in Tsubasa alongside comrades Lantis and Geo. He is named after the Eagle Vision, and the FTO (mecha he pilots) is named after the Mitsubishi FTO. Autozam is named after a line of Mazda cars, Autozam.

Voice Actors
Ogata, Megumi
Calindri, Gabriele
Dupac, Benoit
Sodre, Elcio
Eom, Sang Hyeon
Gelb, Jerry
Cortese, Marcello

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