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Yakumo Saotome (早乙女 八雲)

Yakumo Saotome is the 8th of the Saotome Sisters, and is a Valkyrie currently residing on Midgard to defend it from invading demons.

Yakumo is a short, petite girl with short light-blue hair and blue eyes. In her human form she is always wearing headphones.

In her Valkyrie form, she dons a dark-blue uniform with golden threads and an open back. She wears a full cap with a visor. Her Holy Sword is called The Sound, which she can use to enhance the holy sword.

Yakumo has a cold, sharp personality and she has lazy tendencies. Her hearing is sensitive due to her Seidr ability, so she wears headphones to protect her ears, and is troubled whenever she loses them or has them taken. Despite her cold nature, she has a playful side as well, and tends to take the lead in perverse situations.

(Source: Wiki)

Voice Actors
Kawase, Maki