Bryan Hawk

Bryan Hawk

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Bryan Hawk (ブライアン・ホーク)
Total fights: 21
Championships: WBC Jr. Middleweight
Height: 182 cm (6'0")
Reach: 182 cm (71")
Homeland: New York, America
Stance: Pure Violence
Fighting style: Pure Violence, Brawling Style

Bryan Hawk is the former WBC Junior Middleweight Champion.
He played the main antagonist during New Challenger, in which he fought Takamura Mamoru in his first WBC Junior Middleweight championship defense.

Growing up in the slums of New York has given Bryan a 'survival of the fittest' view on the world around him. He is a natural street brawler and displays one of the more bloodthirsty antagonistic attitudes seen in the series. When in pinches, he displays an ecstatic love of violence and killing characterized by a sudden 'burning' in his body that can only be pacified with continued violence or sexual intercourse with women. Impulsive and judgemental, he enjoys provoking others and underestimating Japanese boxers.

His long string of victories against boxers has given him a most arrogant and ignorant personality. During his WBC Junior Middleweight Championship press conference in Tokyo, Japan, he openly declared his willingness to give genes to Japanese women (whom he refers to as 'delicacies') in order for Japan to breed boxers strong enough to surpass him. He is notorious for his flippant attitude towards boxing and is known to barely train before matches.

Shown to care only about women and the time he spends with them, Hawk has a group of female fans known as the Hawk Girls that cling to him during his visit to Japan. He intentionally draws a sparring match against a Japanese boxer longer so as to wait for his Hawk Girls to arrive, later leaving the boxer in a bloody mess after mere seconds upon realizing that his fans have arrived.

Voice Actors
Ootsuka, Akio