Tazusa "$10 Billion Dollar Beauty, Tazu" Sakurano

Tazusa Sakurano

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Tazusa Sakurano (桜野 タズサ)

Date of birth: September 10, 1989

A 16-year old Japanese figure skater is known for her sharp tongue. She is on bad terms with the media and the public because of her attitude due to her string of bad luck in competitions.

Her goal is to compete in the Winter Olympics in Torino (Turin, Italy). At the beginning of the series is possessed by the ghost of Pete Pumps and while she initially hated him, she gradually grew to accept his constant presence in her life.
While possessed, she picked up the habit of eating tomatoes, because her possessor Pete hates tomatoes and using masochism, since Pete can share Tazusa's pain to keep him in line. She has an unlucky tendency to sleep. In the anime, she describes herself as a "$10 Billion Dollar Beauty."

Throughout the story she changes from a selfish and independent girl to a slightly more relying girl or in another words she matured a little.

Voice Actors
Kawasumi, Ayako
Zeller, Emily Woo
Park, Seon Yeong

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