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Godot (ゴドー)
Godot drinks coffee constantly. He's been known to drink up to 17 cups during a single trial (never more than that), and has an untold number of various personal blends.

Godot purposefully mispronounces Mr. Wright as Mr. Trite to show his disdain for him (Naruhodou as "Maruhodou" in Japanese). His catchphrase is "That's my rule."

Most everything about Godot is a mystery. In court he is smug, precise, and unrelenting. Though not as "cruel" as the Karmas, he's a formidable opponent who regularly demeans the defense. He also has a deep grudge against Phoenix personally.

"Godot" comes from the name of a famous play, "Waiting for Godot." The "t" is silent. It is pronounced "Go-doh."

Voice Actors
Hirata, Hiroaki
Potter, Brandon