Carmilla Vanstein

Carmilla Vanstein

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Carmilla Vanstein (カーミラ)

Carmilla is Lindabrea's loyal maid, and follows her master when she leaves the castle in search for delicious food. As a vampire, Carmilla is weak to garlic and sunlight. Since she belongs to a lower caste of vampires, she is not that powerful, and her clumsiness in battle often leads to her losing and being "killed" somehow, after which she needs to spend a lot of time buried in soil to recover. She also loves to drink alcohol, and idolizes her mistress.

Although she dislikes Genzou and frequently gets in arguments with him, Carmilla still stays at his house because Lindabrea wishes to stay there as well.

Voice Actors
Vulcano, Monica
Sakuraba, Arisa