Ueki no Housoku
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Gender: Male
Nickname: Carpaccio
Ability: Copy another person's power, receive text messages with the opponent's thought,reverse one's position with the opponent's.
Carl , Robert's second in command, has the power to copy another person's power. The condition is that he has to spend 24 hours within 10 meters of them. He used this to acquire the powers of all of the other members of Robert's Ten.

He has two powers from outside the Ten which are the power to change the opponent's thoughts to a cell phone Text-message and the power to reverse one's position with the opponent's.

He uses all of these powers in combat and may actually have had more, but it is unknown as he was knocked out by Ueki's Masshu. Carl is a very sneaky (yet ironically loud) type who isn't above underhanded tactics to get what he or Robert wants.

In the manga, he is portrayed as somewhat girl-crazy, and even in the anime he says Robert's Ten should have more girls in it

Voice Actors
Takagi, Wataru
Bang, Seong Jun