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Yami no Matsuei
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Hajime Terazuma
Terazuma is not mentioned in the anime version of Yami no Matsuei, but he is seen briefly in the opening, as well as the first and last episode.

He is somewhat of Tsuzuki's rival. Terazuma hates having to rely on shikigami instead of one's own strength, and thus claims to hate Tsuzuki who controls 12 powerful shikigami. As for himself, Terazuma has a parasitic shikigami called Kagan Kuroshuki which was forced onto him against his will. He can transform into his shikigami at will, but can hardly control it. He also transforms into it whenever he is touched by a female; being exposed to water (rain or otherwise) makes it difficult for him to keep from transforming too.

Terazuma and Tsuzuki fight very often and don't pay much attention to their surroundings. At one point, they destroyed the newly rebuilt library (which Tsuzuki destroyed previously while being possessed during the Devil's Trill arc). The damage costs were taken out from both of their paychecks, but that did not seem to put any sense into them.

As much as he claims to hate Tsuzuki, Terazuma does worry about him on occasion. At the end of Kyoto arc, he came to visit Tsuzuki in the hospital and, according to Wakaba's words, was very embarassed about it. He even wished Tsuzuki to get better soon, although it sounded more like an insult.

Terazuma is extremely skilled in archery. In fact, the first time he was introduced in volume four of manga, it was during the archery competition. He admired Hisoka for striving to become better at archery; however, that admiration was wiped away rather quickly when he found out that Hisoka is Tsuzuki's partner. Unfortunately for all three of them, Terazuma, Hisoka, and Tsuzuki were teamed up for the tournament and did not get along very well, mainly due to Terazuma's short temper and Tsuzuki's lack of skills. Due to ridiculous rules of the archery competition, Terazuma had to french kiss someone on his team, and he chose Hisoka because at least he didn't hate him as much as Tsuzuki. While he was pretending to see Hisoka as a flat-chested girl and fantasizing about, his shikigami took over and the points were lost.

He is from EnMaCho Shokan Division and is Wakaba's partner. The reason that they have to partner up is because Wakaba is the only one who can transform him back into his human form. On the surface, Terazuma appears to be annoyed by the fact he is forced to partner up with her, as well as by her constantly clinging to him, but there were a few instances when he showed affection and even felt jealousy when she would spend time with others or would leave somewhere without telling him.

When he was alive, he was a detective in Hiroshima. It is revealed, however, that he was not much of a detective, which was probably the reason that he never got promoted. During the arc of the count's "stolen" mask, Terazuma was randomly accusing everyone in sight without much reasoning, until he eventually came to a conclusion that they were all in on it.

(source: Yami no Matsuei manga)

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