Kyou "Koga"


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Kyou (キョウ)
Koga was the Gym Leader of Fuchsia City's Gym, known officially as the Fuchsia Gym. He is a student of ninjutsu who specializes in Poison-type Pokémon. He handed out the Soul Badge to trainers who defeated him.Koga is a ninja who trains in an old mansion, the Fuchsia City Gym, in the woods outside Fuchsia City. The Gym is filled with traps such as fake mirrors, invisible walls, pits, and many Voltorb. Aya, Koga's younger sister, is one of his students.Later, in the Generation II games, he is promoted to the Elite Four, leaving his daughter in charge of the Gym.

Voice Actors
Ootsuka, Houchuu
Seszták, Szabolcs
Zagnit, Stuart