Kunio Ishigami

Kunio Ishigami

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Kunio Ishigami (石神 邦生)
Main Name: Ishigami Kunio
Official Name: 石神 邦生
Date of Birth: 10.10.????
Gender: Male
Bloodtype: O
Height (in cm): 186cm
Weight (in kg): 70kg
Age range: middle aged

Chief of the JUDA Corporation and also and ex-high ranking officer of the Katou Organization, he left them when he found the idea of bloodshed promoted by Hisataka Katou revolting. A joyful and sometimes childish man, he is infamous for his devilish pranks, mistakes, and his apparent lecherousness, though he proved himself a great leader as well. While in the manga his role is not expanded much over his duty as director of JUDA,

(source: wikipedia.org and anidb.net)

Voice Actors
Nakata, Jouji
Yandell, Barry