Naomi Fluegel

Zoids Shinseiki/Zero
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Naomi Fluegel

Beautiful Naomi is the ultra skilled warrior who is an expert at long range combat. She is famous for never losing at a one-on-one battle. She is extremely brave and strong minded.

A female pilot under the alias of the "Red Comet" for being skilled in sniping and long-range combat. She pilots a red Gunsniper with a specialized sniping system that includes a gun within the Zoid's tail. At the beginning of the series, Naomi is a solo pilot, until Leon Toros joins her to form the Flugel Team. Prior to her defeat by the Blitz Team, it was claimed that nobody ever reached within 1,000 yards (910 m) of her Gunsniper. It is shown that Brad and she have romantic interests for each other.

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Voice Actors
Natsuki, Rio
Henderson, Saffron
Mun, Seon hui