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Peyote Díaz

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Peyote Díaz (Peyote Diasu)

Birthdate: September 11, 1970
Furyoku: 3,000

Peyote (Ramiro in the English Anime) is a Mexican shaman who is first introduced around Chapter 115 of the manga. He uses his spirits, Carlos and Juan, to possess BoZ. He integrates his Mariachi spirits with Mexican skeleton puppets (which in Mexico symbolize death). He is defeated by an attack from Ren. Later on, he reappears in another battle against Ren and manages to kill him. His last appearance was much later on when becomes disillusioned and betrays Hao, killing his fellow followers and himself. He along with Turbine were the only two of Hao's henchmen that could not be revived due to their bodies being damaged beyond repair, even for revival. He usually says "Eres correcto," which would translate as a slightly mistranslated form of "You are correct"—the correct form would be "Estás en lo correcto"—whenever someone else makes a correct affirmation.

"Peyote" is a small spineless cactus native to México and the Southern United States of which a hallucinogenic drug is prepared.

Peyote's Spirits
Peyote's spirits are Carlos, Juan (friends of his), Antonio, Jose, Pancho, Miguel & Zapata (all mariachi players). Carlos and Juan were gunned down by angry saloon clients while Antonio, Jose, Pancho, Miguel and Zapata died in fights.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Madono, Mitsuaki
Guarnieri, José Otávio
Portuguese (BR)