Laffey "USS Laffey (DD-459) Benson-class destroyer"


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Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!
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Laffey (ラフィー)

Ship's construction: January 13, 1941
Nation: Eagle Union (USS)
Class and type: Benson-class destroyer
Armor type: Light

Seventh ship of the benson-class destroyer, Laffey, Hull Number DD-459, is one of main characters of the series along with Javelin and Ayanami, whom she wants to befriend. But because of Ayanami's nation, Sakura Empire, which declared war on Azur Lane, she had to face her.

She wears a white boot with a red sole and a kind of anklet with a red detail plate, followed by her all-white tights. She also wears a blue shirt with a white centered line and wears a pink jacket over it. She also wears a red bow on her head, along with a pair of rabbit ears stuck in her hair. When in combat, she uses a Single 127mm (5 "/ 38 Mk 30) and a 533mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount.

Laffey is always sleepy and doesn't seem to care about what's going on around her, but when her friends are in danger she tries hard to help them, similar to the relationship she has with the Commander in the game.

Voice Actors
Ballard, Tia
Naganawa, Maria
Stteger, Luana
Portuguese (BR)
Souza, Valentina