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Misa Saotome (早乙女 三沙役)

Misa Saotome (早乙女 三沙 Saotome Misa) is the 3rd of the Saotome Sisters and a Valkyrie currently residing on Midgard to defend it from invading demons
Misa is a tall girl with green eyes and short, green hair that she has a tendency to wear in various different styles. She wields the Holy Sword called The String, allowing her to manipulate strings and fabric, a trait useful for combat and defense.
Misa has a sociable, easy-going personality. As one of the older sisters, she often looks out for her younger siblings and they have a tendency to depend on her. Due to this, Misa ends up naturally taking a leading role when the sisters are in a group. Though at some point back on Asgard she had a reputation among her little sisters for being an expert in romance, in reality she's had no such experience at all.

(Source: Val X Love Fandom)

Voice Actors
Shimizu, Ayaka