Tsubasa Shiina

Tsubasa Shiina

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Tsubasa Shiina (椎名 翼)
Birthday: April 19, 1983
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 95 lbs
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Italian Gelato
Dislikes: Sanctimonious Jerks
Hobby and Special Skills: Movie Marathons, Watching Talk Shows, Self-Defense.

Transfer student from Asashiro Junior High, who passed the entrance exams with high scores and is considered to have a high IQ. Due to his appearance, many people mistake him for a girl. Though, his looks could fool people in believing that he is a sweet and cute kid, in actuality, Tsubasa is very arrogant, blunt, sarcastic, and often fierce. He considers himself a genius and often says that soccer just comes naturally to him, that's why no-one can beat him. Though he is only slightly taller than Shō, he doesn't let that get in his way and is actually a great fighter and a superb leader. His looks and attitude, unfortunately, also made him some enemies (and some really big fans). Among them were 3rd year, Naoki Inoue and Gosuke Hata, and two of their friends. Although, after saving them from a group of bully truck drivers, they soon realized that they were all alike and decided to follow Shiina. Later on, he was made the leader of the Hiba Soccer Varsity team. His uniform number is 4.

During the Senbatsu Training Camp, he becomes even closer friends with Shō and comes to truly understand him. He becomes a regular defender on the Junior Senbatsu Team.

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Voice Actors
Higuchi, Chieko
Marchingiglio, Gabriele