Berthold Gregor

Berthold Gregor

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Berthold Gregor (ベルホルト・グレゴール)
Major General, age 51. Member of the Triumviri under Maximilian's direct command and a leader of the Empire's invasion of Gallia.

Born into the rank of count in a family with close ties to the Imperial court, he worships the emperor, dedicating his life to uniting Europa under his rule.

A specialist in shock-and-awe tactics, he uses superior numbers to annihilate the opposition. His leg was injured by Jaeger during the Fhirald invasion.

An avid equestrian, he frequently went on long rides before his injury. One of the stallions in his manor's stables has been called the Empire's finest horse.

Source: Gamefaqs

Voice Actors
Otsuka, Chikao