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Galley (三日月のギャリ)
-MANGA [Romance Dawn v.1]-

In Romance Dawn V.1, Galley is a famous Morgaina pirate who is known for his crescent mustache. He is apparently very powerful, being one of the "Big Three" pirates. However compared to Monkey D. Luffy, he is very weak.

Luff first spots Galley's ship and decides to take it over so he won't have to sail in his dinghy. He defeats Galley's crew with ease and ties them up. The ship then lands at Silk's hometown and Galley escapes and his men escape and try to take revenge on Luffy. Luffy frightens them when they learn he is a Rubberman and they run away after. Luffy is then tied up by the townspeople, who think he is Galley. Galley then takes Luffy hostage and steals the town's treasure. He then enrages Luffy by smashing his hat, and gets Luffy thrown into the ocean. Luffy is then saved by Silk and uses Gomu Gomu no Axe to destroy Galley's ship. A livid Galley swears revenge.

Galley is seen years later as a crewmember aboard Luffy's pirate ship, and tells him that land has been spotted. It seems that his encounter with Luffy changed him from a Morgaina pirate to a Peace Maine since Luffy said he wanted a crew made up of only Peace Maines

-ANIME [Romance Dawn]-

In the anime version of the Lougetown arc, there he is an elderly pirate called Galley of the Crescent Moon who has a bounty of 3,450,000. He is clearly based on the Romance Dawn Galley both in his design and his Jolly Roger. He and his crew are seen raiding buildings at Loguetown before being captured by Captain Smoker.

(Source: One Piece Encyclopedia)

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