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Linna Yamazaki (リンナ 山崎)

Linna Yamazaki is a 22-year-old member of the Knight Sabers and dons a green Hard Suit equipped with "ribbon cutters" - long, electrically-charged nano-molecular ropes mounted behind the helmet that can be used to slash through Boomers and other high-tech opponents. She is also armed with explosive "knuckle bombers" - explosive charges in the right hand of her hard suit that could deliver devastating blows, as well as a finger-mounted triplet laser gun. In Bubblegum Crash, the knuckle bombers and lasers are replaced with electrically charged twin wire-daggers.

Working as an aerobics instructor, Linna once hoped to pursue a career in professional dancing, but her efforts in the trials went unappreciated by all but Sylia, who recruited her into her team. Eventually, her constant greed for money makes her switch to stockbroker consulting in Bubblegum Crash.

Linna is perhaps the most socially conventional of the Sabers, and as such, lacks a distinct personality. But she is a excellent team player, and the stories linking episode 2 with episode 7
would be inconceivable without Linna's heartfelt warmth and decency. There is a comic side to her, especially in tandem with the foibles of Nene.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Tomizawa, Michie
Manison, Kelly
Natsuki, Rio
Latini, Ilaria
Martiñón, Isabel
Gregg, Stacey
Lima, Márcia Regina
Portuguese (BR)
Lee, Gye Yun
Diemand-Hartz, Mercedes
Pallejà, Ana
Billault, Christèle

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