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Kiria Yoshii


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Kiria Yoshii (吉井 霧亜)
Race: Hybrid/Artificial life form/Chimera
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Afiliations: ANTI-THESIS (formerly); Fairy Tale (currently)
Occupation: Fairu Tale's 1st Subdivision Lieutenant
Manga Debut: Rosario+Vampire Chapter 25 (First Season)
One passage form the Yōkai Encyclopedia: Chimera

Kiria Yoshï is the former second-in-command of ANTI-THESIS. Calm and collected, he appears to be interested only in seeing how the events surrounding his superior, Kaneshiro Hokuto, will work out, and shares his view of releasing violence acted out on the students. It is revealed Kiria injected his blood to Hokuto, transforming him into a the same class as Kiria, with the power of Alucard (as Tsukune too). Ironically, he also appears grateful to Tsukune Aono for changing Hokuto after his foiled attempt in destroying the barrier separating the human and Yōkai worlds. He later leaves Yōkai Academy with Hokuto after the school festival begins. In R+V II He's working with Miyabi Fujisaki for Fairy Tale and he's the 1st Subdivision lieutenant.

Kiria has been described as being very handsome, even being compared to a male model by Tsukune. His eyes are usually the only part of him that are transformed, as a pair of cat slit eyes, one vertical and the other horizontal. On the back of book 9 season 1 he has silver/white hair with a red and green eyes.

In the Chapter 63, Hokuto reveals Kiria's an artificial life form based around Alucard's body; a synthetical beast known as Chimera. This is the reason for the Kiria's arm can turn into a scythe or a blade in his monster form.

Year One resume

Kiria was first seen in the taunting Mako of her failed attack on Tsukune and his friends, claiming he is there to help her causing her to attack him in anger. He appears amused when Mako loses her temper and attacks the patients and visitors in the hospital ward, putting them under her control.

Year Two resume

Kiria is currently affiliated with the Fairy Tale organization and is seen airlifting Miyabi Fujisaki and Kahlua Shuzen to safety. He made a failed attempt to kill Tsukune and classmates by causing the plane they were on to crash by sending a Fairy Tale gremlin. After the incident at the Huang family's mansion, he and Hokuto appeared to help Tsukune and the others to infiltrate the Floating Garden, leading them to Akashiya Moka.

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