Joe "Mole Hunter" Buttataki

Joe Buttataki

Soul Eater
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Soul Eater
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Joe Buttataki (B・J(ブッ叩き・ジョー))
Referred to as "Mole Hunter" Joe Buttataki, Joe makes his first appearance at the end of chapter thirty-seven of the manga when he is called to Shibusen to investigate the possibility of a spy. His name when literally translated is "kick the shit out of," a phrase he says at the end of chapter thirty-seven in the manga. He is able to detect the snake placed in Marie's body. He is the ex-boyfriend of Marie Mjolnir. Joe had apparently kept his distance from her, fearing that his "soul perception" may grow so powerful that he could see through her. Joe stated to Marie that he regretted his decision and asked her out for dinner. He considers his ability unpleasant since it only allows him to work a job where he can only mistrust his allies. Joe is the first technician to be able to pierce a witch's technique to appear human and his power is growing even now.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Douglas, Jason
Ono, Atsushi
Leblan, Jean-Pierre
Draeger, Sascha