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Konjiki no Gash!!
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Wonrei (ウォンレイ )
Wonrei is a teenage Mamodo whose goal is to become a protective king. To express this point, he is protective of his partner and lover Li-En. He tends to be very polite towards others, particularly his friends like Zatch and Kiyo, as well as other people such as Li-En`s grandparents. He also shows fierce hostility towards those whose ideals he doesn't agree with or those that try to harm Li-En or break them apart.

Wonrei's spells are mostly spells that can charge up a part of the body to make it stronger than a usual body part would be. By using martial arts in combination with his strengthened limbs, Wonrei gains immense power.

Source: ZatchBell Wiki / Wikipedia

Voice Actors
Ishida, Akira
Freeman, Crispin
Campos, Marco Aurélio