Daisuke Hagiwara

Daisuke Hagiwara

Dragon Drive
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Dragon Drive
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Daisuke Hagiwara (萩原大介)

Anime/Manga Season 1:
A fellow schoolmate of Reiji and Maiko, he initially holds a grudge against Reiji for stealing Maiko's affection, but the two eventually become close friends. He thinks of Reiji as a rival, but Reiji doesn't think much of him, especially after Reiji's lucky victory over Daisuke in their first battle against one another.

Manga Season 2:
While helping Maiko look for Takumi, he too was called by Meguru to return to Rikyu and help defend the two worlds once more. He still has a heavy crush on Maiko, and showed much jealousy toward Ichiro's friendly encouragement to her.

Voice Actors
Vincent, Samuel
Shitanda, Michael
Jeong, Myeong Jun

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