Hina Amano

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Hina Amano (天野 陽菜)

Birthday: August 22
Age: 17-18

Hina Amano is a high school student and unusual supernatural power: to manipulate the weather and diving into the sky. Hina is a young woman of average build and height with fair skin and light blue eyes. She has straight, long black hair (with a blue hue) which she ties into two low ponytails with black hair ties, laid on her shoulder. She has long bangs and two locks of hair framing her face. Hina usually wears a grey hoodie over a pink tank top, and for bottoms, she either wears navy blue shorts or a pink skirt. Additionally, she wears a blue-stone necklace and carries around a small dark grey canvas backpack.

She is shown to be a cheerful, sturdy and strong-willed girl. She is shown to hold strong familial bonds by taking care of her brother, Nagi Amane, after their mother's death

Voice Actors
Usai, Annalisa
Mori, Nana
Boettcher, Ashley
González, Desireé
Bertieaux, Maryne

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