Kilik "Gem King"


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Kilik (キリク, Kiriku?) is the former Gem King of the first Sleeping Forest. He is a gravity child along with his twin sister, Simca, and his childhood friend, Sora, and he is the most gifted of the first generation. While in Sleeping Forest, he develops a crush on Rika. He eventually learns that Sora has evil intentions, so he rebels against him with other gravity children. He defeats Sora, steals the Wind Regalia, and then looses his own regalia to Nike. He judges people using a one hundred point system with random variables. After Sora reappears in the AT world, he begins training in extreme pressure in order to stand up against him. He follows the Gaia Road, which, in his case, is able to memorize and finally engrave any riding script from a rider no matter how fast, high, and tricky it is. He is seen training to become as hard as diamond.

Voice Actors
Miyata, Kouki