Tsutomu Ishii

Tsutomu Ishii

Dear Boys
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Dear Boys
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Tsutomu Ishii (石井 努, )
Ishii is an extremely short-tempered person. It was highlighted that his weakness is being easily provoked by the opposing team to foul, and is prone to commit four fouls at a crucial time of a match. However, as the team starts to advance to the final, he has grown mature and his skills were also starting to grow more steady and powerful.

He plays the position of power forward in the team. It appears that he and Dobashi are close friends, having played on the same team during middle school. Ishii attended Takakura Junior High.

- Basketball Jersey: Number 6
- Height: 190 cm
- Position: Power Forward

Voice Actors
Suzuki, Tatsuhisa
Hunter, Brendan
Lee, Ju Chang
Rufino, Sérgio