Ichigo "I-chan, Ichigo Koumouto" Arita

Ichigo Arita


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Ichigo Arita
Gender: Female
Age: Officially 17, actually 14
Occupation: Fashion Designer

Ichigo and her twin-brother Kaede are fashion designers. They work under the professional name Koumouto, instead of using their real surname and pretend to be 17 years old.

She is pretty blunt and short tempered and gets irritated easily when people (mostly Naka) do nothing but crying instead of facing their troubles head on - so usually she tells them (usually very angrily) to get going already instead of whining. But she actually cares a lot for her friends. With Umi she shares some kind of love-hate-relationship as they are always adressing each other with some kind of insulting nicknames, but they help out and trust each other a lot.

When she meets Chihiro she understands very quickly that most of the times his constant smile is just fake, and that he is actually suffering from his unrequitted love. After yelling at him, getting pissed at his pseudo-happiness several times - and also talking with him, when he's actually happy - she falls in love with him.

And even though she always gives good advices to Naka concerning Umi, the first thing she does, when she realizes her feelings for Chihiro is crying helplessly until Naka talks to her. After that she pulls herself together and is even able to talk normally with him. Even so, she begins to develope an inferiority complex towards all the pretty models around her - especially Mihane, whom Chihiro is in love with - because she herself is just average and small.

When Chihiro confesses to Mihane, gets rejected and begins to get over her, he wants to spend some time with Ichigo to thank her. But when Ichigo asked him to call her "Ichigo" instead of "I-chan" for a day and he does, her reaction clearly showes his feelings for him, which he notices.

After he found out, Ichigo tries to act as normal as possible and because Chihiro doesn't know what else to do, he does the same - what is actually very painful for Ichigo. Because of this she also decides to properly confess to him, even though he is already well aware of her feelings. When she confesses, she is surprised that Chihiro is thankful, although he doesn't seem to have the same feelings.

When Ichigo thoughtlessly hugs him while taking his measurements for a fashion show, she distants herself from him. Already before this, Chihiro begins to realize his growing feelings for Ichigo, even more when she starts to avoid him and he's feeling jealous as he sees her talking to another guy.

Seeing how Naka bravely goes on the stage during a thunderstorm, despite of her fear of thunder, Ichigo - ashamed of her own cowardice - runs to Chihiro, who smiles happily and hugs her immediatly.

3 years later they are still going out - and Ichigo still blushes when he kisses her, saying, that she will never get used to it.

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