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Phantom (ファントム)

Phantom, callsign Barbie 03, name RF-4EJ-ANM Phantom II, is a petite anima with green hair and brown eyes. Her daughter aircraft is a RF-4EJ Phantom II which is primarily a tactical reconnaissance aircraft. She was the first Japanese anima created from salvaged Xi parts.

Consequently, she was the most tested of all the Japanese androids, so much so that extensive wargames and simulations affected her outlook. She will not take unnecessary risks if it means that she fails to protect humanity which is her primary mission.

Kei describes her as mean and sarcastic, but overall she comes off as logical and pragmatic. There are times she appears to be psychopathic in her behavior such as when she tried to injure Kei to get him off a mission in order to "protect" him. She is very confident in her abilities which include electronic signals analysis and countermeasures.

Her confidence was shaken a little when Kei and Gripen beat her in a simulated dogfight. She is the third member of the Independent Mixed Test Unit.

(Source: Girly Air Force Wiki)

Voice Actors
Izawa, Shiori