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Citron (シトロン)

Citron is an exchange student from a foreign country that is shrouded in mystery. After he suddenly met Izumi and the others, he quickly joined the company. Even though he likes to take charge in acting and his Japanese studies, it's also his weakness, as he tends to make mistakes and confuses Japanese words. This makes it sometimes difficult to tell if he's lying or not. Still, he often lifts the spirits of the Spring Troupe, making them happy when they're not.

Being the mood maker and goofball of the Spring Troupe, he often lightens up the atmosphere with his mistakes in Japanese and the misuse of certain words. The young man is able to sense and relieve the tension of others and can calm them down in many situations. Citron also tends to be a more open and optimistic person. His personality contrasts with Tsuzuru's more serious one, leading to them having a Boke/Tsukkomi type of relationship. Nonetheless, Citron is a person that is hard to evaluate and this causes some sort of distance between him and his colleagues.

This foreigner is the most mysterious character of them all. Nothing much is known about him, aside from the fact that he claims to be a foreign exchange student and had no place to stay. However, the truth is that he ran away from home. As a young adult, he doesn't have to get permission to live in the dormitory and can still keep a low profile. His circumstances are still unknown though.

(Source: A3! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Fajardo, Ricco
Igarashi, Masashi