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Sakuya Sakuma

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Sakuya Sakuma (佐久間咲也)

Age: 17
Birthday: March 9
Flower: Cherry Blossoms
Height: 167 cm
Job: Hanasaki High School 3rd Year
Hobby: Reading scripts by the river

Sakuma Sakuya is the leader of the Spring Troupe and the very first member of the brand new MANKAI Company, Sakuya has loved acting since he was a child. Though he still severely lacks experience and skill, he is a hard-worker who puts his all into practice and training. Due to somewhat complicated family issues, he decided to audition when he heard that the theatre came with dorms.

Sakuya has the appearance of a young High school boy. He has dark pink hair and bright pink eyes. He dresses rather casually in dark blue jeans, a grey hoodie with "Spring" written on it and a pink shirt underneath. Fitting his overall color scheme, he wears pink sneakers with light blue shoelaces. Sakuya has no real interest in the latest fashion trends and does not have much money he could spend on clothes. That is why he enjoys buying second-hand clothing.

Sakuya is a young, cheerful and enthusiastic guy with a friendly attitude. He is very open and bright and is an overall kind person who has a passion for acting, even as a rookie. Sakuya is a hard-worker, who gives his all for the MANKAI Company. With his positive outlook, he believes, together they come overcome the troubles the MANKAI Company faces.

After losing his parents at a young age, Sakuya was taken in by his relatives. However, his new guardians did not seem to care much about him, as they were only interested in the potential costs of Sakuyas involvement with the MANKAI Company. Sakuya himself seemed to know that he didn't have a place at home and would often spend his nights at his with friends' houses. Once he heard the MANKAI Company had dorms for the actors to live in, he decided to take the audition to follow his dream and become a little bit more independent.

(Source: A3! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Ayres, Greg
Sakai, Koudai