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Mehm (メーム)
The eldest of the eight Valhallan princess, she is seen as the head of the Royal Family. She's somewhat of a nosy busybody, and she frequently visits the Tokino home, both to check up on Kazuto and Valkyrie's relationship, and to enjoy living away from all her royal duties.


When everyone tries out some bath powder she brought during one of her visits, They are all shrunk to a younger age, to varying degrees. Mehm regresses to a older teenager, and enjoys spending her time being lavished with gifts and affection from all the boys in town. In her time as a teenager, Mehm admits that she has forgotten and lost the ability of how to fly, but regains the ability after falling in love with a earth boy. Afterwards, Mehm realizes that love and emotions are the key to a Vahalla princess' power, which she thought she needed to deny herself in order to lead the royal family properly.

Voice Actors
Shinohara, Emi
Terry, Robin
Guillén, Maria Rosa