Arachne Gorgon

Arachne Gorgon

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Arachne Gorgon (アラクネ)
Known as "The Heretic" witch, Arachne becomes the main antagonist in Soul Eater after Medusa takes on the form of a little girl. She is the leader of the massive Organization "Arachnophobia" and is referred to as the mother of all Demon Weapons. She is Medusa's older sister. She is the eldest of the three Gorgon Sisters. She created a Demon Weapon by killing off humans and killing a witch. Her animal theme is the spider. She can create thread that leaves a person immobilized for an unknown amount of time (it depends on how strong that person is).

(Source: Wikipedia)

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If you humans wish not to die
you need some wits in order to try
a haiku you must write
to paint witches in fine light
and don't you dare to ask why

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Voice Actors
Neya, Michiko
Young, Stephanie
Boccanera, Laura
Szőlőskei, Tímea
Lee, Ji Yeong
Darmon, Emma