James "Uncle, Jim, John Carter" Links

James Links

Zone of the Enders: Dolores, I
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James Links (ジェイムズ・リンクス)
A misfortuned space-trucker who gets his hands on something he does not really want, but is intensely desired by nearly everyone else: the Orbital Frame called Dolores. He's rather naive and blunt when dealing with his family, although he's very dedicated to them, valiantly trying to uphold "family values." An UNSF veteran, his piloting and battle skills are remarkable. He is also remarkably resourceful. He is married to a martian, Rachel Links, but was separated from her when she left to work on Mars. He does not believe there are differences between Martians and Earthlings, unlike most UNSF officers shown in ZOE universe.

Voice Actors
Genda, Tessyo
Lee, Jeong Gu