Loly "Rori Aivān" Aivirrne

Loly Aivirrne

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Loly Aivirrne (ロリ·アイヴァーン)
Loly is a teenage, female arrancar who, along with Menoly, was ordered to bring Orihime to Aizen when he wanted to show her the Orb of Distortion.

She seems infatuated with Aizen, as shown by her anger at Aizen's interest in Orihime. The remnants of her mask cover her left eye, and has teeth still connected to it. Lolly's uniform fits her name, including a schoolgirl-themed skirt and what looks to be black boots that reach her thighs, along with black hair in pigtails.


Voice Actors
Villard, Colleen
Takeda, Hana
Espíndola, Clarice

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