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Akane Shinjou (新条 アカネ)

Age: 15
Birthday: January 2, 2003
Blood Type: A
Height: 149 cm

Akane Shinjou is a "bona fide" Kaiju fan and high schooler who attends at the same school as Yuta Hibiki, Rikka Takarada and Shō Utsumi. She is the most popular girl in the school, but acts specially friendly with Yuta, talking to him when he is alone and sharing her food with him. She is also an old friend of Rikka, but nowadays they've stopped being close as they used to.

In the past, Akane met an alien called Alexis Kerib who had the power to help Akane rule the world as she wanted. She took the offer, they became friends and Alexis digitized himself so he could live inside Akane's computer. So, Akane, being the Kaiju fan that she is, started to make Kaiju sculptures, and Alexis, with his power "Instance Abreaction" brought them to life. With her Kaijus, Akane started shaping the world as she saw fit. With a Kaiju, she could kill someone that she didn't like, and after that, with a special type of Kaiju called "Mist Kaiju," everyone's memories of that person would be erased or edited, so nobody would miss it.

Because of her actions, the Hyper Agent Gridman came from the Hyper World to end Akane's reign and to stop Alexis from using her as a way to control the world himself.

Voice Actors
Ueda, Reina
Seidel, Lindsay

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