Nagi "Owl" Kengamine

Nagi Kengamine

Deadman Wonderland
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Deadman Wonderland
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Nagi Kengamine (剣ヶ峰 凪)

The leader of Scar Chain, a group of Deadmen that oppose the the prison and plan to leak the truth to the rest of the world. Nagi speaks with a mechanical voice created by a synthesizer because of his vocal chords being removed after a rigged fight with his lover, who was later killed by Genkaku of the Undertakers. He has a son, left in the care of a nursery outside, and fights for freedom to see his child. His branch of sin is called "Owl's Eyeball", which creates small floating explosive spheres that can be controlled and detonated remotely.

Voice Actors
Ono, Daisuke
Tatum, John Michael
Gimenez, Pascal
Pfennig, Ole

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