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Moca Aoba (青葉 モカ)

Birthday: September 3
Likes: Bread
Dislikes: Spicy things
Band: Afterglow
Position: Guitar

Aoba Moca is a first-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and is a member of Afterglow. She has a sleepy demeanor but is surprisingly sly at times. Although everyone in Afterglow are childhood friends, she is particularly close to Mitake Ran. Outside of the band, she's friends with Yamabuki Saaya. She is also friends with Imai Lisa, with whom she works part-time at a convenience store.

She makes a cameo appearance and has a line of dialogue in the third episode of the first season.

(Source: BanG Dream Wiki)

Voice Actors
Misawa, Sachika
Thomas, Catherine

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