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Jade Ariel (ジェイドアリエル)

Race: Ariel
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Red
Manga Debut: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime Debut: Episode 1

Jade Ariel is a fairy of the Ariel type. Her skin colour is pale pink and her hair is wavy, volumized and green in colour. She has black eyeballs with red irises, long green eyelashes and like all Ariels has bird-like wings joint to her shoulders, (that match the colour of her hair and eyelashes), bird-like feet, that have feathers at the top of them, (that match the colour of her hair and eyelashes), as well as no reproductive organs, Like all Ariels seen so far, Jade's ears are pointed and elf-like and she possesses green antennae on her head, that each slightly resemble a bird's feather. Like all Ariels seen so far, she doesn't wear any clothes.

Jade Ariel, is very drawn to Chise Hatori, as well as friendly and sweet towards her because she is a Sleigh Beggy. When they first met, Jade Ariel wanted Chise for herself and the other Ariels, so much so that she tried to take Chise to the Fairy dimension (which she failed in doing), proving to be confident, strong-willed and a bit selfish, in her decisions. Jade Ariel, is also shown to be caring and helpful, at least to Chise, and helped her cleanse the souls of two people.

(Source: mahou-tsukai-no-yome.wikia)

Voice Actors
Reidies, Daniela
Ballard, Tia
Shipman, Megan
Naito, Ami